Monday, 12 May 2014

Friday, 9 May 2014

Our New Facelift

Have you noticed our new banner up above? My little quilled ants have become my stamp! I love them so much! I draw them and I even wrote the letters myself. Then I crafty colleague digitalized it and there you go!I have new business cards, new banners, new logo…

As you may know, we are more active over on our Facebook Page, the Etsy Shop and the blog on Wordpress. That is why this blog is only used to post events, news and anything happening over to the other side.

So what's the news?

I have a new section in my shop with more funny quilled animals. Who doesn't love hedgehogs??? Aren't these cute?

Click here if you want to see the growing collection of quilled cards and bookmarks

My mum and I also decided to open a new Etsy shop as she lately took over a load off me and is now knitting her own designs for little boys and little girls. While I manage the shop she has green light to come up with her ideas and materializing them into beautiful knitted outfits. 
Visit LamamaKnits here and show us your support, you know how hard it is at the beginning to open an Etsy shop! We love using fresh modern prints and combining them with lovely cotton yarn. Not two dresses are the same, we like uniqueness and creativity!
If you haven't purchased anything on Etsy yet, you can now have the opportunity to have €5 off your first purchase if you follow this link.


Oh! By the way… May has arrived and of course, Sew Mama Sew is all over blog land announcing their popular May Giveaway Day, which has been running for a week in the last years. I will be participating and I hope you don't miss it, that's why I popped over here to let you know.

So make sure that you know where to find us!

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

More squares...

just in case someone else has got lost between the move...I'm over here!!!

Sunday, 2 December 2012

Ready for a giveaway? preparats per un sorteig?

I hope you won't miss this, especially with all the changes from Blogger to Wordpress lately.
I'll be having a giveaway in my new looking blog tomorrow, so hop over there and remember to follow by email so you don't miss anything else.
I'll be soon closing this blog down and I wouldn't like to loose you readers!

Espero sue amb tot aqeust lio de canvi de blog aixo no se us passi per alt. Dema al meu nou blog de Wordpress fare un sorteig, aixi que doneu-hi un cop d'ull i no oblideu fer-vos seguidors via email per no perdre-us cap notificacio. Aviat tancare aquest blog i no us vul perdre!

Friday, 30 November 2012

Moving to Wordpress - Canvi cap a Wordpress

Hello all!
Well, I'm moving to Wordpress so I can continue to upload my photos. This will imply a few changes, like I won't be able to have the Google Friend Connect gadget on my sidebar for new readers to click on if they want to follow and at the moment I can't paste html codes to have buttons or featuring links on my side bar (like my Etsy Shop window or other buttons you can see here on my sidebar). I'm trying to work on this, so ANY ADVISE OUT THERE IS REALLY WELCOME!

Instead, you can still follow my blog if you subscribe via email. I'd like to ask you to do this if you are still interested in following.
Reaching big numbers of followers is not my priority, but I know there are many of you who like reading me and I don't want you to get lost between the change from Blogger to Wordpress.
I will leave this blog open for everybody to have the chance to read this notice and decide if they want to move with me.
And if you are still even more interested in helping me, you could spread the word so nobody misses anything...
Thank you!

so here is the new place (still taking shape)

El Petit Taller moves to Wordpress

Hola a totes!
El Petit Taller deixa Blogger is se'n va cap a Wordpress, d'aquesta manera puc seguir penjant les meves fotos. Aixo implicara uns quants canvis com el no poder tenir la casella de seguidors a la barra lateral. De moment tampoc puc pastar codis html per tenir enllac,os exteriors a la barra lateral, com el de la meva botiueta etsy o altres botons qe veieu.

No es la meva prioritat aconseguir un gran nombre de seguidors, pero se que tinc molts seguidors fidels i no m'agradaria que us perdessiu amb aquest canvi. Al nou blog de Wordpress podreu continuar sent seguidores si us suscriviu per email. Aixi que us demano si us plau, que si encara esteu interessades a seguir llegint les meves divagacions, i sobretot veure fotos!!! us suscriviu per email al nou blog.
Deixare aquest blog obert per a que tothom tingui la oportunitat de veure aquest post.
I si encara em voleu ajudar una micona mes, podrieu fer correr la veu i dir-ho als vostres lectors...
aqui el teniu (encara en construccio)

El Petit Taller a Wordpress


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